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About Banchory


SITU can provide excellent quality apartments in Aberdeenshire and beyond. We also have city apartments and aparthotel’s in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other major UK cities like London.

About Banchory

A little west of Aberdeen, about halfway towards the Cairngorms National Park, the town of Banchory provides a perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of city living and roam amongst a vast landscape with fast-flowing rivers fed by snowmelt and thick fir forests. Our serviced apartments in Banchory provide a comfortable base as you explore this beautiful part of Scotland.

At the edge of town is where the rivers Dee and Feugh meet, and one of the nearby attractions that is definitely worth a visit during a short stay in Banchory are the Falls of Feugh, just upstream from the confluence and well within walking distance of Banchory accommodation – although there is free parking available nearby. A beautiful stone-built bridge spans the river there and, during the spawning season, salmon can be witnessed leaping up the falls. The nearby Falls of Feugh restaurant is also a popular location for weddings and other functions. Another attraction close to Banchory is Crathes Castle, a 16th century tower house-style castle, a stunning example of Scottish castle building of the period.

Other attractions in and near the town includes the visitor centre for the Royal Deeside Railway Preservation Society, from where it is possible to walk or cycle the Royal Deeside Railway route. Scolty Tower at the top of the 300 metre Scolty Hill, a popular spot from which to view the surrounding landscape. Banchory also has its own museum, which gives an excellent account of the history and culture of the area. The town also has a sports centre with pool and there are recreation grounds that boast a putting green and tennis courts.

Although food can be found to cater for varying tastes, if you are staying in Banchory then you will find an emphasis on delivering high-quality local cuisine, with dishes like stovies as well as quality Aberdeen Angus steak and venison on offer. However, if you fancy taking something home and cooking it in the comfort of your serviced accommodation, then Banchory Produce Market is on the third Saturday of every month and well worth checking out for a variety of food, as well as local beers and ciders.

Although Banchory only has a standing population of around 7000, popularity with visitors means that there are better shopping options than you might expect. A trip down the High Street will reveal a large number of independent shops and gift shops, alongside some more familiar names that you would often only expect in slightly larger towns. There are also, unsurprisingly, plenty of shops related to outdoor activities such as cycling, walking and water sports.

If you’re coming to stay in Banchory then it’s quite likely you will be using the town as a base to explore further afield, possibly up into the Cairngorms. This part of Aberdeenshire is a very outdoorsy area, and people who like to be outside will find a range of activities to suit, from the familiar such as mountain biking, canoeing and quad biking, right up to zip slides and even gliding.

SITU can provide excellent quality apartments in Aberdeenshire and beyond. We also have city apartments and aparthotel’s in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other major UK cities like London.