Coronavirus in Italy

As we work through these uncertain times, SITU is working to bring you the most relevant and essential travel information if you find yourself away from home at this moment in time. 

Italy is currently under mandatory lockdown as the country attempts to combat the spread of the coronavirus. It will remain so for at least another 10 days. This means everyone is restricted to following the rules put in place by the Government. 

The New Normal 

Coronavirus lockdown in Italy.
Northern Italian Casalpusterlengo on lockdown. Courtesy of Metro.
  • Only Supermarket & Pharmacy windows are open. 
  • Just 1 person from each household can go on a shopping run. 
  • Only so many people are allowed to shop at one time and must remain 3 feet apart at all times. 
  • Forms must be filled out explaining why they’re leaving the house. 
  • Police are out in patrols to enforce the lockdown. 
  • Funeral services have been prohibited due to the volume. 

The Impact of Coronavirus

“Staying at home but for a solo trip to the store is the way of life” -CNN 

Going into complete lockdown has had a huge impact on local business, families and corporate travellers as the city is not accessible. All flights have long since been cancelled and no one is allowed in or out.  

One benefit of this lockdown, however, is that there is no shortage of food on the shelves at the supermarkets. Panic-buying has seemed to have ceased since the restrictions were put in place. 

Exceptions to the rule. 

Unfortunately, there will always be those that think the rules don’t apply to them or find the rules unnecessary. However, police units on the ground accompanied by the army are doing what they can to make sure rules are followed and the community is safe.  

On Location 

If you find yourself in Italy right now, having to follow these strict lockdown measures, it is important to remember that these rules haven’t been put in place lightly. Unfortunately, Northern Italy has reached a point where they saw no other option with the coronavirus but to go into complete lockdown to protect its people. 

Remember to wash your hands, keep your distance and to think of those around you as well as yourself. The lockdown is to protect us, so do your part to help others. Hopefully then, the country’s doors will be open once more. 

If you can find a positive in this current situation, it would be this.  

As lockdown is underway in Venice and there are no boats, the water in the canals and just off the coast has begun to clear up. Fish and dolphins have since been spotted in the canal for the first time in almost 60 years.   

Coronavirus impact on Venice.
Source – Twitter.

We understand the levels of concern and the waves of uncertainty everyone is feeling. However, it is essential that you follow the rules and guidelines implemented by your local area to make sure you’re protecting not only yourself, but also those around you.  

If we listen to the rules that are put in place, keep ourselves safe and help look after those around us, we will be able to get through this one way or another. Keep clean, keep safe and you’ll soon be on your way back home. 

Go to the government’s Italy foreign travel advice page to find out more about the impact of the coronavirus in Italy.