Happy Halloween from SITU | List of Most Haunted Places

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Have you ever heard of haunted serviced apartment legends? But you have heard a lot about haunted, spooky hotels, right? This Halloween, just to be at peace stay in one of our serviced apartments, where no ghost will bother you. If you still don’t believe us, here’s a list of how spooky hotels can be.

It all began at the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where its people believed wearing costumes and lighting bonfires could ward off the ghosts that haunted them. Ever since we have fulfilled this costume-wearing nature and created a holiday that celebrates everything and anything that connotates scary.

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  1. The Langham Hotel, London

Guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine is the story behind one of London’s grand hotels. Dating back to 1797, The Langham hotel building is allegedly occupied by seven ghosts, but this is not all. A Doctor’s spirit lurks around the hotel, after he supposedly murdered his wife and killed himself on the day of the couple’s honeymoon.

  1. The Lovat Loch Ness, Scotland

Named in dedication to the famous Loch Ness Monster, this old Victorian building is located on the Southern peak of the Loch Ness river. Rumoured to be the place where the monster lures, it is creepy enough to send shivers down your spine.

  1. The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Perhaps the most authentic of the five hotels is The Stanley Hotel. Based in the Rocky Mountain National Park this hotel was the inspiration behind Stephen King’s film The Shining.

Numerous haunted rooms are available. Particularly recommended are Rooms 217, 407 and the fourth floor due to the rumours of ghoulish activity associated with them. With a lot of very eery legends tied to the place, it is definitely the classic type of a haunted hotel.

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  1. Hotel Burchianti, Florence

The Hotel Burchianti hosted many famous Italians, including Benito Mussolini. However, the it has unwelcome guests too. Guests claimed that ghost children roam the corridor, and a ghost woman was knitting in her chair. Regarded as the most feared room in the hotel is the ‘Fresco Room. Guests supposedly felt as if they were being watched and surrounded by paranormal activity. So still cannot decide if you prefer a serviced apartment? Here’s the last one…

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  1. The Queen Mary, Los Angeles

The Queen Mary became a docked hotel after it was bought back in 1967. Since though, it’s the spooky sightings which have given the Queen Mary’s its reputation.

Paranormal activity recordings include banging noises heard from the engine room, a spotted young woman in a white dress by the Queen’s salon, and ghosts haunting the swimming pool they supposedly drowned in. The fact that the ship has its own Paranormal Research Centre and had Cabin B340 closed due to many disturbances, may make you think twice before renting a room on the Queen Mary.

SITU‘s serviced apartments are warm, welcoming and cozy, there are no ghosts or eery stories tied to them and are a perfect place to enjoy your stay.

Happy Halloween!

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