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Amidst a period of positive change and rapid expansion here at SITU, we are proud to announce that the role of Portfolio Manager will now be undertaken by one-of-our-own Charlie Carr!

Charlie first joined SITU two years ago back in September 2017, starting as an Account Manager. After rising through the ranks and gaining vast knowledge on the industry, Charlie became a Senior Account Manager, working extensively with high profile clients.

Now, he takes on a new challenge. Upon becoming the new face of Portfolio, we asked Charlie what it is about this new opportunity that excites him. We want to know what ambitions he has regarding our serviced apartments across Bridgwater, Cheltenham and Exeter, and also what it is about our properties that align with SITU’s core values.

Why did you want to take up this new role as Portfolio Manager?

Mug and Laptop by Bed.

“The new position of Portfolio Manager, first of all, gives me an exciting sense of ownership.

“I have an opportunity to work directly with our valued clients to ensure we, as a company, can offer the best and most cost-effective options for any complex projects along with transient and mobility needs.”

“Being responsible for the full service, from operations through to reservations, means I can make certain that the relationship we have with our guests and clients is up to our high standards. We want the SITU experience we provide to really shine through.”

How will previous industry experiences help you in your new position?

“Having worked with high profile clients in the past I understand the need for not only ensuring that the most suitable option is sourced, but also the importance of clients and guests for our business.”

“Within the Senior Account Manager role, I was naturally responsible for ensuring that every aspect of account management took place. This would mean finding preferential rates, making regular property visits and conducting reviews. This was all to ensure that the account was being serviced in the best way possible.

“Experience such as this is invaluable for my new role. I know exactly what is required of our serviced accommodation and the personal service which we pride ourselves on.”

“Having a great knowledge of our product and our locations is crucial to business success. Being based in the Exeter area for several years, I know exactly what the expectations and requirements are of those looking to relocate to Exeter and our other locations in the South West.”

Why do you think guests choose to book stays at SITU’s Serviced Apartments?

“At SITU, our priority is always the guest experience. Therefore, we want our clients to know that we tailor each enquiry for them, from check-in preferences to invoicing processes. We understand that no two enquiries are the same. As are no two clients. We respect this in each step of the enquiry-to-booking process.”

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“When our clients reach out to us with any form of enquiry, we ensure that the client relationship is one which is always met with a friendly, yet professional, approach.”

It is for these reasons that our serviced apartments and service are so highly valued. This is reflected both within the company and also across the serviced accommodation industry.”

How do SITU’s Serviced Apartments align with our core values of providing guests with ‘homes away from home’?

Being ASAP accredited means that SITU consistently achieves a mark of high quality. This is also globally recognised within the industry.

“We are continuously looking at ways to ensure that guests feel like they are at home whilst at our properties. This could involve offering them a bottle of wine upon arrival or a tailored, personal check-in service for those that may have questions or need any type of assistance. Ultimately, we want the company’s core values to be upheld with every stay.”

What do you think it is about SITU’s portfolio that differs from the competition?

Serviced Apartment Numbers
West Street Mews Apartments, Exeter.

“We are the only accredited operator in many of our locations. Yet, we still constantly strive to improve not only the quality of our accommodation, but also the value for money, the environmental impacts, and the overall guest experience.”

What does the future hold for you and SITU’s Serviced Apartment portfolio?

Charlie and Serviced Apartment award

“I believe that continuously reviewing processes and making changes is vital for improving our guest’s experiences, as well as value for money.”

“Furthermore, we are also looking at ways to improve our carbon footprint across our service. We understand that we have a corporate social responsibility to assist with this.”

“SITU is always exploring other markets within the Westcountry too. We believe that as well as a strong tourism industry, the South West has a high demand for corporate accommodation. Therefore, many businesses could benefit from SITU’s reliable products and services.”

To find out more about our amazing portfolio of serviced accommodation in Bridgwater, Cheltenham and Exeter get in contact with a member of the SITU team. Or visit our website at www.situ.co.uk.

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