Positive News To Feel Upbeat About!

Yes, it might be difficult right now to cast your mind away from all the negative news you hear nowadays, but changes are still happening around the globe that could have a positive impact on our way of life.

Take a look at the positive news we’ve heard about which we think everyone can feel upbeat about!

Information is up to date as of Wednesday, March 25th.

Pollution Levels Are Declining

Position news about Chinese pollution levels.
Pollution levels in China in 2019, left, and 2020. Photograph: Guardian Visuals / ESA satellite data. Courtesy of The Guardian.

Across the globe, countries have been going into lockdown for an extended period. Factories are closing and people are told to stay indoors, meaning the nitrogen dioxide levels have started to decrease.

For the likes of China, as you can see above – the pollution level in 2020 on the right, is a lot lower in comparison to the pollution levels in 2019. According to NASA, the levels of nitrogen dioxide have been noted at 10-30% lower than normal.

The UK too has noticed a drop in pollution as cars are less commonly on the road. With the new lockdown in place, pollution levelS should only continue to decrease in the UK over the coming weeks.

Nature Is Making A Comeback

A Sika Deer crossing the road in Japan.
A Sika Deer crossing the road in Japan. Courtesy of MNN.

As previously mentioned in our article about Italy, nature is making a comeback in our absence. The grass is greener, the waters in the canals are clearer and wildlife is popping back up to say hello.

It’s arguably most noticeable in Italy at the moment, with dolphins returning in pods to the Italian port of Cagliari and swans have now since returned to their place on the canals. Whilst in Japan, Sika deer have since been seen wandering the empty streets of the city.

Acts of Kindness & Respect

A lot of effort and a lot of sacrifices are being made by so many people. NHS workers are putting themselves at risk every day to make sure they’re helping those that need it. Retail workers are going to supermarkets day in and day out to make sure there is food on the shelves for you to buy.

Restaurants are closing down and stepping up to deliver to help those in isolation – neighbourhoods and businesses have been pulling together to help those in need when families can’t do it themselves. People have been popping up all over the internet to help with home-schooling, teaching classes like PE and science.

In this time of need, most people are pulling together to do what they can to support those around them and across the world. Hopefully, this will only continue once normality slowly starts to return and everyone tries to find and adapt to their new normal.

Work-Life Is Changing

A person sitting and using a computer.

With most people working from home throughout these trying times, most of us are moving to virtual interactions, video calls and online social channels to communicate to keep businesses running. Therefore, the future of how businesses function could change.

Positives to come out of remote working could mean less travelling for meetings because we now have proof that we can work without it. This, therefore, could potentially minimise pollution and business travel costs. Of course, this will vary business to business but needless to say, things will change.

It may be hard to hear any positive news right now and it’s probably even harder to think of a day when things will go back to normal – but the world will be changed because of this. These changes will be for the better and we will all come to terms with a new kind of normal.

For more information regarding COVID-19, follow the link below:

NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Gov: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

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