Top 4 Coolest Offices In The World

As far as working in a cool office goes, I think our team do pretty well. We have a great break-out room, featuring an arcade machine, and a conference room, complete with a PlayStation VR console and a slide. Yes, a slide!

However, I also realise there is plenty of competition from companies out there who also strive to have the ‘coolest office’. In fact, now that I have looked into it, there are several big-name brands across the globe that can claim to offer the best workspace for their employees.

So, here it is, my top picks for the coolest office workspaces in the world!

Google, Zurich

Well, this first one really caught me by surprise. Google really have pulled off the unthinkable. I’m talking about the company’s largest office in Europe.

But where do I start? There are gondolas used as meeting areas, a band rehearsal room, a cinema room, a wine cellar, a small basketball court and an extraordinary jungle lounge made up of hundreds of different plants. It’s all incredible.

But my favourite room has to be the Hürlimann bar. Every day at 5 pm, music sounds out across the office to signal the moment to gather in the bar, socialise and drink beer. It sounds great to me, and it’s no wonder that Google ranks as the ‘World’s Best Employer’.

Shame the only way you’ll get to see it is if you receive a personal invite!

LEGO, Billund

Lego Office
Lego Headquarters in Billund. Courtesy of

Every company wants a cool office that represents itself as a company, but Lego takes this to new levels. Huge Lego blocks are literally built into the walls!

Woman working in LEGO Office.

The building is hard to miss, with a Lego piece shaped room placed on top of the headquarters and another also overhanging the entrance.

Inside is even better. Each floor is defined by a different block colour and wherever you go there are pieces of Lego incorporated into the building’s design and style. It’s like walking around a Lego brick house!

The headquarters has only recently opened in Denmark and will only continue to develop. Obviously, the hope is it will essentially become a Legoland, but for employees.

Inventionland, Pittsburgh

Castle in Cool Office.
Castle in Inventionland Office. Courtesy of

You would surely expect a company called Inventionland to have an extravagant, cool office. It’s a home for creativity and ingenuity, and the headquarters reflects that.

It has a pirate ship, a treehouse, a cupcake-shaped kitchen, cabins and cottages which enhance creativity, a motor speedway and a castle.

Stepping Stones in Cool Office.
Stepping Stones at Inventionland Office. Courtesy of

Why do you need all that you ask? Well, the company believe in having a workplace that inspires, where creativity goes wild. That seems to be the main goal, and clearly, the company have gone to great lengths to achieve that.

I could go on. This workspace is extraordinary, and whilst it has the potential to be very distracting, you would have to look far and wide for someone who wouldn’t like to work in this office.

Here’s a video of how the amazing Inventionland office came to be.

The Building of Inventionland. Courtesy of

Apple Park – ‘The Spaceship Campus’, California

And finally, in typical Apple fashion, boundaries are broken.

Now, this office is special not necessarily because of what’s inside the building, but mainly because of what’s on the outside. It’s also special because of its connection to the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. He had a plan for his dream campus, and now the Park is completed in line with what he wanted.

Apple office
Apple Park Campus. Courtesy of

You can guess how the headquarters looks based upon its often-used nickname ‘The Spaceship Campus’. However, this flying-saucer looking building does not have a complete roof. Instead, it’s more like a ring. The inner section of the campus is occupied by a beautiful rolling landscape, packed with greenery and nature. Apple really has managed to create their very own habitat. Its a home, where employees can both work and live.

All in all, it’s fair to say these workspaces blow a vast majority of offices out of the water. I mean, it is hard to compare with companies who have a pirate ship, lego house style, basketball courts or their own landscape!

What’s for sure though is that more offices like these are emerging. It says a lot about what workplaces could be like by the end of the next decade.

SITU Main Office
SITU Headquarters, Exeter.

Wherever you end up travelling for work, we can’t guarantee your office will be anywhere near as awesome as those I’ve just mentioned. However, we can make sure you have a great place to stay while you’re there. Contact a member of our team today or visit the SITU website to find ideal serviced accommodation options that suit you!

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