5 Great VR Experiences That Could Change Your Next Trip

Times are changing, and virtual reality is firmly on the scene. It’s not everywhere yet, but VR is fast becoming something everyone has experienced. And now, it’s integrating into the travel industry.

So, let’s have a look at five amazing virtual reality experiences worldwide that you could come across whilst on your own travels!

Top 5 Virtual Reality Travel Experiences

  1. The Virtual Reality Museum Experience
  2. VR Arcade
  3. Airports & Airlines
  4. VR Apps
  5. Golem VR

The Virtual Reality Museum Experience

Mona Lisa Virtual Reality
Mona Lisa VR Experience at the Louvre Museum. Courtesy of Engadget.

Not everyone considers museums to be the most exciting attractions. In fact, in recent years the number of people visiting museums each year has fallen drastically.

But now, some of the biggest museums have begun to really up their game, introducing virtual reality experiences as new exhibitions.

Take the Louvre in Paris for example. In commemoration of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death 500 years ago, last year the museum released the ‘Mona Lisa: Beyond The Glass’ virtual reality experience to the public. Visitors to the exhibit can explore the history of the famous Renaissance painting from a completely unique perspective, interacting with the artwork like never before.

Get in quick though, as the exhibit is only available for another month or so, or, download the experience on a range of app stores.

Cincinnati Museum

Another cool one can be found at Cincinnati’s Museum of Natural History & Science. Its called ‘Jurassic Flight’, and as the name suggests, participants can take to the skies and explore the land of the dinosaurs. This is thanks to Birdly, who have created a virtual reality experience device where those using it lie flat on the machine as if they were skydiving.

VR Arcade London

VR Arcade London. Courtesy of That London Life.

The company DNA VR  is the first and biggest virtual reality entertainment venue in London, and claim to have the capital’s ‘most unusual attraction’. They might be right, because they are, after all, the home of the VR Arcade.

Save the world, survive a zombie apocalypse, dive to the bottom of the ocean or escape a puzzle-ridden room, you name it, this arcade has it!

Prices are pretty reasonable too considering everything on offer, ranging from £20 to £40 per person depending on the experience you choose. Looking to arrange plans for your friends, family or your colleagues? You can purchase a package deal for a big group, making for a great day out.

Airports & Airlines

Virtual Reality Experience in airport.
Periscape VR at the JFK Airport in New York. Courtesy of Lonely Planet.

I’m as chuffed as anyone that waiting around for flights doesn’t have to be boring anymore. The first I heard of VR in airports was at the JFK Airport in New York.

The company behind this is Periscape VR, who say their stations were built for “travellers who desire a fun, blissful and euphoric respite from airport crowds”.

These stations are surely, therefore, for pretty much everyone, so you can expect to wait in queues to use them, but there’s no harm in seeing if a station is free (at Terminal 4) if you happen to be at one of America’s busiest airports.

Airlines are also trying to take advantage of our ‘dwell time’, using VR almost as an ‘upgrade plan’. For instance, German airline Lufthansa advertise VR glasses at boarding gates. These glasses show a more premium experience then passengers have already booked, encouraging passengers to upgrade.

In-flight Entertainment

As for onboard flights, the most talked-about virtual reality experience seems to come from Inflight VR.  Partnering with airlines in Spain, Turkey, Korea etc. the company offers onboard passengers the chance to rent a headset for a duration of a flight.  

There’s an incredible catalogue of experiences to choose from. They are also adapted for flights, so they are not disruptive or cause motion sickness/nausea. I’m interested to see how this will work when the headsets become more popular, on a larger scale.

For now though, I think Inflight VR could mark a huge change in the way we experience overseas travel.

VR Apps

Let’s not forget the abundance of VR apps available nowadays too. Just remember you’ll need your own headset for these!

I’ve picked two apps here that I would recommend, with one being an obvious choice, Google Earth VR. Available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift devices, this app takes Google’s Maps to new levels.

Wish you were somewhere different on a work trip? Load up the app and you could be strolling the streets of a capital city, flying over mountains or within touching distance of iconic attractions.

Creating ‘Realities’

Taking this to even greater lengths is the amazing Realities VR travel app. The German-based company have created a series of downloadable virtual reality experiences (some award-winning) focused around real-world locations.

Whether this is an American desert, a solitary confinement establishment or a European cathedral, once you put on your headset, you really feel like you’re experiencing these remarkable locations for yourself. 

Better yet, both these apps are free to download!

Golem VR game

And finally, this is more of a special mention.

Golem VR in Prague is dubbed as Europe’s largest virtual reality experience, teleporting users to the Renaissance period in the Czech capital.

The 25-minute game challenges you to solve puzzles, uncover mysteries and explore historic landscapes in a bid to protect the mystical creature that is Golem.

Have a watch of the trailer below for a glimpse into what to expect!

Golem VR. Courtesy of DIVR Labs.

Well, it’s safe to say that, nowadays, you have every opportunity to come across some form of VR experience whilst on your travels! Be sure to have a go at any of the experiences that I’ve mentioned, or keep an eye out for the many more that are undoubtedly going to emerge in the coming years!

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