Working From Home – 4 Tips To Keep You Fresh and Motivated

Right now, the UK population have been asked to work from home where possible which to some might sound great – more time in bed, no commute and you get to work in your pjs! For others, with the distraction of kids, other family members or no working space it can seem a bit daunting.

Some might have a home office to work from, some might be working on the sofa or at the kitchen table like myself. No matter where you’ve chosen to set up and make your new office space, for the time being, there are a few things you should keep in mind to keep yourself sane during these uncertain times.

1. Get Dressed

It may make seem like a great opportunity to roll out of bed 5 minutes before you’re due to start work – but it’s much better for you to get up and get dressed.  Put on some clothes, not necessarily office attire, but clothes so you can differentiate and mentally prepare to start your workday.

The more you can do to separate the ‘work mode’ from the ‘home mode,’ the easier you will find it to get work done during work hours and the more you’ll be able to enjoy out of hours at home.

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2. Keep Active

Whilst we are now living in an essential ‘lockdown’, you still need to make sure you’re getting up from your seat every so often and keeping active.

You’re probably not missing your commute, but you still need to make sure you’re going outside and getting some fresh air (just the once remember!). Have you got a dog? Take them out for a short walk throughout the day to help ease the restrictions of working from home!

It’s important to make sure to keep your distance from others when out and that you always remember to follow the guidelines. Utilise your back/front garden or balcony if you have too!

3. Take regular breaks

It might not feel like work when you’re working from home but remember that it is and that you need to take breaks. The reality is you probably don’t spend your entire day working as you’ll be making tea and coffee rounds or chatting with a colleague so make sure to not over-work yourself at home.

A day at the office is full of small distractions and meetings and it might feel like a relief to be working from home without them (if you’re lucky,) but no workday is that quiet.  Remember to take regular breaks every 90 minutes or so to recharge and refocus and to not burn yourself out.

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4. Keep on Socialising

The world is uncertain right now and we are being told to stay indoors and being encouraged to social distance, but there are other ways we can communicate in this day and age. Pick up the phone and call your colleagues – start a video call on Skype and arrange a group chat with everyone.

Companies around the world are coming up with fun and creative ways to stay in touch with colleagues who are having to work remotely – Skype karaoke or ‘Fun Hat Friday.’

Times are uncertain but the main thing to do is to keep yourself safe and to look after the people that surround you. Keep yourself motivated, hydrated, take breaks often and stay in contact with the outside world.

Right now, things are a little scary, but remember that you won’t be surrounded by the same 4 walls forever. Times will change, we will get through this and we will be back at the office as soon as we can.

Just remember to follow the Government’s protocols and advice wherever you are to do your part.

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