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About Bristol


Southern England's second largest city is an important hub for business. Short term lets in Bristol offer welcoming and nice place to stay.

About Bristol

As Southern England’s largest city outside of London, Bristol remains one of the most important business hubs in the UK. Between the constant influx of business travellers and the millions of tourists who visit every year, accommodation demands are high. While traditional hotels have plenty to offer in Bristol, nothing compares to the space, comfort and range of amenities offered by local self-catering apartments and aparthotels. And thanks to SITU, you can find a competitively priced, fully serviced apartment in Bristol that suits your plans for any upcoming visit. 

Twice named by The Sunday Times as the best city to live in Britain winner of the 2015 Green Capital Award, Bristol has a lot to offer to its visitors. The city was a filming location for many popular TV series such as Skins, Sherlock, Wolf Hall and many more, while BBC Bristol produces 25% of worlds nature documentaries, including the legendary Sir David Attenborough productions.

Bristol has many if the exciting flavours of living in a major city like London, but without some the inconveniences that living in a metropolis like the UK’s capital can bring. With its majestic harbour to explore, a walk down Bristol’s beautifully lined small streets can be a delight.  The city even has caves to explore, too! The natural tunnel under The Downs opens with spectacular views of the Avon Gorge. There are also the Redcliffe caves, a network of 15th-18th-century mines running under that area of the city.

Bristol boasts some spectacular and diverse architecture, with the so-called Bristol Byzantine style being one of the more stunning and present in many buildings constructed from the 1850s to 1880s in there. Surviving examples including Colson Hall and the Granary on Welsh Back.

The city is also home to a modern art scene and can offer a wide variety of art galleries and exhibitions that include many different styles. Of course, any visitor can view works by the legendary ‘graffiti’ artist Banksy, whose art is displayed publicly around the city. The international icon’s secretive street art originated in Bristol and his works of political and social commentary were found numerously on the street walls before he grew beyond Bristol’s underground scene. The international graffiti artist was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary for his 2010 film Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Bristol also has vibrant and active nightlife on offer. Its has clubs ranked in the top 100 of the world, but the city’s diversity is also shown by the wide variety of pubs, jazz bars and restaurants to offer. Head to ‘The Apple’ and you will find a cider bar serving 40 different types of the popular beverage. In 2014, The Apple was awarded the title of the best cider bar in the UK.

When coming to such a diverse and modern UK city, finding the right type of accommodation in Bristol is important for corporate travellers. SITU have partnered with a select group of the best Bristol short term lets available. As a result, we are able to deliver some of the most competitive — not to mention luxurious — properties available in the city. There’s no need to consult one website after another to compare listings, as we have compiled a list of the best short stay apartment offerings in the Bristol right here on this page. 

There are plenty of reasons to select serviced apartments in Bristol over more traditional hotel offerings. To begin with, you’ll enjoy more space and flexibility, with suite-like accommodation and a well-equipped kitchen at surprisingly affordable prices. Enjoy full facilities, room to stretch out and an at-home atmosphere during your next stay in Bristol.