Serviced Apartments for Global Mobility and Relocation

SITU is highly professional and very experienced when it comes to supporting global mobility and relocation. We have a proven track record of delivering the right accommodation solution on time and on budget ensuring a smooth transition for employees and their families.


We work closely with relocation providers and global mobility services and understand the delicate balance that must be struck when temporarily housing employees and their families. SITU takes steps to ensure that appropriate products are available for your workforce, ensuring that they are able to seamlessly transition into a new environment with minimal disruption to family and working life. Global Mobility and Relocation professionals can rely on:

  • A global, expanding supply chain
  • SITU assurance through our due diligence checks
  • Dedicated, bespoke technology solutions
  • Our highly trained, dedicated account managers who take the time to fully appreciate your needs
  • Fast response times in a quote format to suit your needs 

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"I first learnt about SITU online when I was looking for a company to provide accommodation for our site managers that were going to be staying away from home for a minimum of eight weeks. I needed to find a cost-effective and easy way of sourcing apartments so that our site managers could work without any issues.

We have been working with SITU for over eight years. Every member of staff that we work with at SITU are always incredibly friendly and nothing is too much trouble – they really go the extra mile. Every small detail is taken into consideration, such as the use of maps within their emails to indicate how far the accommodation is to the location we require. By providing competitive, affordable accommodation they help to keep our costs down in turn and the overall customer service experience is 100%"

- Gemma Lane - Fileturn

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