Apprenticeships at SITU


SITU is a global serviced apartment provider that prides itself on being accredited with the Investor in People bronze badge.

Apprenticeship at SITU will give you a chance to join a dedicated team, that will invest their time and effort to help you gain the essential skills you will need for your future career.

Working with SITU is a perfect place to boost your confidence, get hands-on training and a real chance to put your skills into practice. 



As an alternative to a hotel, a serviced apartment is a self-contained property which provides unrivalled space, privacy and the convenience of a “home away from home.”

SITU handles the booking process for its clients, finding suitable options and negotiating rates. We work with a wide selection of industries such as finance, media IT, oil, constructions, etc. as well as related industry partners such as relocation companies, travel agencies and others.

During your apprenticeship, you might have a chance to attend industry events, communicate with clients and partners spreading your experience beyond office administration and learning more about the industry in general.



SITU is a dedicated employer that listens to its team members and supports their personal growth. Here, you will be more than just an apprentice. You will become an integral part of the team. SITU will provide you with a platform to grow and take pride in your achievements.

SITU handles different aspects of the serviced apartment industry meaning you might get a chance to explore different opportunities, like finance and business administration, a partnership with global suppliers, account management, etc.

You will gain experience in different areas of office-based work such as telecommunications, data entry, computer systems & customer service… to name a few! This versatility is well suited for young people who are not one hundred percent sure which area of business they would like to break into.

Dani Richards joined the SITU team as a Finance and Business Admin Apprentice in April 2017. When asked about her experience at SITU, she states “this apprenticeship programme helped me to find my career path."

”SITU has been life-changing for me; I took this role when I was 19 years old. I didn’t have any experience or any idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I would be happy here at SITU from the second I walked in. Without SITU I believe I would have never found my passion for finance and for that I am forever grateful.”

After trying a few different roles and learning more about what she enjoyed to do, Dani decided to focus on finance rather than admin duties. She feels the past year was challenging yet rewarding, pushing her to exceed her own expectations.

“Since beginning my apprenticeship, I have set myself more and more targets, and I have achieved things I never thought I could, and this is down to my colleagues and SITU."

"SITU has given me the stepping stones to reach my aims and aspirations; they listen to whatever I have to say and take on board whatever they can to help. They offer training courses to each individual to help them learn and excel within their roles.”

Dani believes choosing SITU for the apprenticeship program is incredibly beneficial as it provides young people with support and training essential for stepping into a professional role.

“There are so many benefits to being part of the SITU team, and everyone helps one another to reach their full potential. I have never experienced such a welcoming group of colleagues and am so proud to say that I am now a part of this team.”