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About Colchester


If you are thinking of a self-catering stay in Colchester, SITU has a number of options in the town and in many locations across the UK.

About Colchester

Colchester holds many claims to fame. Currently, it is one of Britain’s fastest-growing towns, with a comprehensive programme of building and development that stretches back to the start of the new millennium. It was also the first capital of Roman Britain, and has a good claim to being Britain’s oldest town before that, the one-time capital of the powerful Catuvellauni tribe, arguably the most powerful tribe before the Roman invasion. By the end of the Middle Ages, Colchester was a successful wool town, and was later involved in a major siege during the English Civil War, before in 1884 being the epicentre for the UK’s most destructive earthquake – thought to have been about 5.2 on the Richter scale. In the early 21st-century, Colchester is a modern success story, yet still sits more comfortably with its history than many towns, and corporate travellers coming to serviced apartments in Colchester are almost bound to find something to their taste.

Located in Essex, Colchester sits on the banks of the River Colne and lies about 50 miles roughly northeast of Central London. It is a hub in the area for road routes, connected to London by the A12, which runs through Chelmsford and, in the other direction, northeast to Ipswich. The A120 runs out towards Harwich and Clacton-on-Sea. Those coming to stay in business accommodation in Colchester may well come into the main line train station, which receives regular services direct from London Liverpool Street Station, typically taking about 50 minutes. If you are coming in by plane, London Stansted Airport is the nearest international airport at about 30 miles away.

If we are going to talk about things to do in Colchester, then we’ve at least got to start by saying something about its wealth of history. In addition to everything already mentioned, the town is the site of the largest Norman castle ever built in Britain and the largest surviving in Europe, originally built on the remains of a Roman temple destroyed by Boudicca. It sits in the centre of the town within extensive grounds that run right up to the banks of the river, and now houses the Colchester Castle Museum. Also within the museum grounds is the Hollytrees Museum, a social history museum concentrating on local collections. There are also, of course, plenty of Roman and other mediaeval sites around Colchester. The Roman Circus Centre is one such attraction, a recently discovered chariot racing track that was found in 2005.

If you’re out after dark during your Colchester short stay, you will find an eclectic mix of things to do. It’s not just the regular restaurants and bars that stay open, but theatres, galleries and cafes. The town is particularly proud of its local art scene, with the Mercury Theatre being an excellent spot to catch a play, or perhaps a film at the Firstsite Gallery, which runs events screenings, children’s screenings, exhibitions and more.

Colchester’s historic lanes help to make shopping in the town an interesting experience, and independent shops mix nicely with the weekly markets and larger shopping venues such as Lion Walk, St John’s Walk and Culver Square, which are all neatly located within the compact CBD.

If you are thinking of a self-catering stay in Colchester, SITU has a number of options in the town and in many locations across the UK.