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About Dundee


Well known for scientific discovery, Dundee's industry remains relevant to this area with the city being a hub for the medical and technology industries for the last 30 years.

About Dundee

based in the east of the country in the council area the ‘City of Dundee’, sat just north of the Firth of Tay, and connected to the small town of Newport-on-Tay by the Tay Road Bridge. The Council Area itself, however, only covers sixty square kilometres and is the smallest local authority in Scotland. 

Dundee may be small, but it also boasts some impressive titles. It was the first and continues to be the only designated UNESCO City of Design within the UK, and is Scotland’s sunniest city, averaging over 1,500 hours of sunlight every year.

Dundee serviced apartments are centrally located not far from the north bank of the River Tay and are ideal for quick access onto the city’s road network, which quickly connects to the A92 across the Tay Road Bridge to the south and up onto the A90 northern bypass. The Dundee-end of the bridge is also within walking distance of the city’s sole train station which features along the four different national railway lines. Visitors to the city can also benefit one of the country’s most convenient fly-in destinations, Dundee Airport. It offers several internal flights, linking with London Stanstead, Birmingham and Belfast.

It is fair to say that Dundee receives fair recognition as a UK major city. Its transport facilities and network make staying in fully furnished Dundee aparthotels a viable choice for those looking to relocate to Scotland.


Dundee has a history of scientific discovery, and nowadays, business travellers staying in Dundee corporate accommodation often still come in that spirit of uncovering the remarkable. Since the 1980s, the city has become significant in medical and technology industries but is also now an important part of the UK’s digital entertainment industry. Furthermore, Dundee is regionally an employment destination in North-East Scotland, especially within the retail sector.

But what are the reasons for investing or conducting business in Dundee? Firstly, it is important to note that around 300,000 people live within a thirty-minute drive of Dundee. 90% of Scotland's entire population is also only a ninety-minute journey away from the city. This truly emphasises how central Dundee is to Scotland.

Worth mentioning too is that Dundee is home to the UK’s highest average broadband speeds (99% of the population have access to superfast broadband) and third-largest regeneration project, the £1bn Waterfront Development

Positive change has also been enabled by the highly advantageous environment that has developed in recent times. For instance, general living costs in Dundee are calculated as almost 20% cheaper than the rest of the UK. Annual prime office rental prices per square metre are also half of the costs in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Dundee is also on its way to becoming the country’s first ‘Peer 2 Peer Fibre City’.  This means 24 hour Wi-Fi connection speeds of 100MB could be utilised by all homes and businesses located in Dundee.

Evidently, the future of Dundee is bright. After all, the frameworks of a solid business environment are already in place and the sky is the limit. Visit the Invest in Dundee website for more details on doing business in the city.


The early history of Dundee appears relatively hazy. Many historians, however, credit the beginning of Dundee’s ‘true’ history starting in the twelfth century with special privileges granted to the area by King William (the Lion). Dundee’s status as a market town and highly-valued seaport were then confirmed. Movement of goods from across continental Europe and the United Kingdom into Dundee became straightforward and ideal for traders. 

With this, the Crown took an interest in Dundee. They owned the former Dundee Castle and established many of the earliest churches in the city, including St. Mary’s Church built in the fifteenth century, whose tower is currently Scotland’s tallest surviving medieval church tower. For a chance to see it for yourself, even within a short trip to the city, book a stay in Dundee short term accommodation.

In the later centuries before the twenty-first, industry involving the production of wool, linen and whale oils became prominent. A big part of this industry success was the construction of ships in Dundee. The RRS Discovery is, however, the most recognised ship because of its famous expedition to Antarctica when that part of the globe was untouched. The Discovery was one of the finest wooden ships ever, representing a huge part of Dundee’s heritage. Captain Scott’s Antartic ship can still be visited to this day, along with a great range of local museums within the close vicinity of Dundee corporate housing. 


Dundee lives up to its status as amongst Scotland’s major cities regarding its attractions and catering of leisurely visits. Those who book stays in Dundee extended stay apartments have the best chance to enjoy everything the coastal city has to offer, whether it’s visiting the abundance of museums or relaxing at the numerous green and scenic spaces.

As well as playing host to one of the country’s top universities, Dundee also has some of the best learning institutions in Scotland. Worth visiting for sure is the landmark V&A Dundee, Scotland’s first design museum, both the HMS Unicorn and RRS Discovery, two of the UK’s most iconic ships, the McManus: Dundee’s Art Gallery & Museum, as well as the beautiful Broughty Castle. Each of these museums and many others tells a specific, and intriguing, story of the city’s past. The majority of the exhibitions are also conveniently within a ten-minute walk of Dundee’s centre. 

The city and its Dundee serviced apartments offer much for the outdoorsy types too. For example, those who opt to visit the Broughty Castle Museum can also appreciate the nearby Brought Ferry beach. There is also the Camperdown Wildlife Centre which is perfect for a family day out. Just behind the West Gourdie Industrial Estate, this wildlife centre is a community favourite and a go-to amongst the locals looking for fun and relation. Fondly thought of too is the Dundee Law War Memorial, atop a hill as the highest point in the city. It represents not only a huge part of the city’s historic defences but also the most prominent aspect of the city’s skyline at around 570 feet tall.

All in all, serviced apartments in Dundee come with an excellent range of included facilities, such as free Wifi, flat-screen TVs fully equipped kitchens, all at a price that makes them a sensible alternative to hotels, in a city that embodies Scotland proudly. Ultimately, those who relocate to Dundee can expect to enjoy a city that boasts geographic, economic and leisurely qualities unlike anywhere else in Scotland.


Dundee Airport (DND)

Based just a five-minute drive from the city’s centre, Dundee Airport welcomes around 20,000 passengers each year.

The airport is mostly utilised by its visitors for private or charter flights. It is also popular as the go-to airport for the easiest access to Scottish golfing courses, such as St Andrews, Gleneagles and Carnoustie.
Alternative airport options include Fife and Perth, both around forty-five minutes away by car from Dundee. The nearest global airport, however, is Edinburgh.

It is sixty miles directly south of Dundee and offers flights to many global major destinations.

Dundee Railway Station

Dundee Railway Station is the main mode of railway transportation in the city. It conveniently sits within walking distance of both the University of Dundee, the Tay Road Bridge and SITU’s Dundee extended stay apartments. The station is used by almost two million passengers each year.

Dundee’s station features on the following railway lines; East Coast Main Line, Edinburgh to Aberdeen Line, Glasgow to Aberdeen Line.

The next nearest stations on the edges of Dundee’s borders are Invergowrie (west) and Brought Ferry (east). Leuchars station is further south of Dundee.

By Bus

Dundee has an extensive bus network which covers almost every area in the City of Dundee council area, as well as Dundee itself. There are around forty routes that pass in-and-out of the city. Bus passengers can travel to the likes of Charleston, Broughty Ferry, Hilltown, Douglas and even as far as areas in Fife.

Visitors to the city can choose to stay in Dundee short term accommodation or extended stay apartments near to bus stations and stops that best suit them and their travel plans. Click here for a map of the bus network in Dundee.