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About Finland


Famed for its Northern Light views, Finland is a popular destination for travellers looking to embrace both business potential and captivating arctic climate and scenery. Over eight million travellers are welcomed to Finland each year, so there’s no surprise that Finnish serviced accommodation has become a necessity.

About Finland

Bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, this Nordic North European state is home to only 5.5 million people. This makes Finland the most sparsely populous country in the European Union. The country’s landscape takes inspiration from its Ice Age past, leaving behind many picturesque islands, rivers and streams. Lodged between two expansive states, Russia and Sweden, Finland has struggled to have a history of independent recognition. After centuries involving the Swedish ‘Golden Age’ and Russian colonisation, Finland eventually gained independence in 1917. Furthermore, the country's brave, spirited attitude towards expansion and opposition attacks gave Finland recognition as a strong European state. It was only since the national referendum though, resulting in Finland joining the EU, has the country’s economy truly prospered.


Nowadays the country has continued to rank highly in terms of quality of living, with strengthening tourism industry and advancing technology sector. Travelling businessmen have noticed the low corporate tax rate and enjoy receiving the same benefits as Finnish companies. Foreign business operations for the long term can expect a high-return on investment. In terms of Foreign Direct Investment, a European Commission study ranks Finland as the most beneficial EU country. It ranks 26th on the index for the world’s freest economy.  The welcoming attitude of the Finnish economy towards international investment and its own economic development recently makes Finland a country brimming with business potential.

A transitional period from the former Markka currency to the Euro in 2002 also benefitted the Finnish economy. Despite being obsolete, you can still have your left-over Markka exchanged. Visit to see how you can convert your Finnish cash before making your trip.


Residents of European Union nations, the US, Australia and Canada do not require a visa to enter Finland for a short period of time. Obtaining a business visa requires that you have all the standard business documents that are usually needed, such as company invitation letter and bank statement. For more detailed visa concerns, visit the Schengen Visa website.

Once in Finland, you should know that the roads function on right-handed traffic and are well-maintained. Depending on the season can alter how stress-free your driving experience is. Whilst summer driving is supposedly straightforward, winter travelling can be tricky. Not all Finnish roads are gritted, so, all vehicles are required to have winter tyres. It’s also highly recommended that you always have your headlights on to avoid any chance of hitting the free-roaming wildlife, such as moose or elk. An alternative to driving is via taxi, but you should be aware of the recent deregulation in Finland. Different companies operate different rates as opposed to a standard metered pricing.

Finland has relatively unrestrictive laws and customs. Other than a few researchable social faux-pas, there is nothing abnormal about Finnish law. One of the obvious aspects of Finnish travel to be aware of is the climate. During the winter months, the temperature can drop down to minus 35 degrees Celsius. An interesting concept also worth remembering too is the ‘Everyman’s Rights’. This grants individuals every right to freely roam any natural area without landowner permission. This concept only exists due the communal respect of nature and landscapes.


Take advantage of the ferry journeys in and out of Helsinki and visit the islands of Suomenlinna. Home to only eight hundred residents, this eighteenth-century sea fortress includes museums, fine restaurants, and beautiful structures referring to its past. Anyone is welcome to visit this World Heritage site and its sensational setting. Similarly reflective of Finnish culture is the Helsinki Market Square. Our Finland serviced apartments grant you easy access to the country’s most famous market. Centre of trade for centuries, this market doubles up as a cultural core and pleasant shopping experience. Be sure to stop and take a look at the evangelical architectural brilliance that is Helsinki cathedral too.

No trip to Finland is complete though without viewing the glorious Northern Lights. Visible around two hundred nights a year, the lights exemplify the beauty of nature. This natural phenomenon is the most visible in Finland, so people flock from across the globe to witness it. We recommend viewing this wonder from our city apartments in the stunning coastal city of Oulu. 

You could argue that there is no better environment and setting in the world to combine with a business trip. Finland’s developing economy, welcoming population and unique landscape attracts business travellers from all over the world. Here at SITU, we look to provide anyone and everyone travelling to Finland with the best serviced apartments to suit their trip.


Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Finland’s main international airport is also the fourth-busiest airport within the Nordic countries. It handles around 350 departures every day, serving direct routes to over 130 destinations in 45 countries worldwide.

90% of Finland’s air traffic travels through Helsinki Airport. Regular running public transport and taxis ensure you are around 30 minutes away from the city centre.


Government-owned railway company VR is the main train service company in Finland. Since 1862, rail transport in Finland has branched outwards from originally just supplying trains from Helsinki.

Nowadays they enable passengers to cities all over Finland and is regarded as the most efficient, relaxing way to travel across the country.

Helsinki Metro

This rapid transport system is the world’s most northernmost metro system, serving Greater Helsinki.

Throughout rush hours trains run every few minutes, serving over 63 million passengers every year.

By Bus

Matkahuolto, Express Bus and Omnibus are the three main bus services in Finland. They offer both short and long-distance routes across Finland frequently. Any baggage can be left at one station to be dispatched to where you are travelling.

Omnibus has emerged as a popular company for bus travel, offering cheap long-distance bus fares ranging all over Finland.