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About Hemel Hempstead


Hemel Hempstead is a desirable Hertfordshire town not far north of London. Our Hemel Hempstead serviced apartments provide the utilities and convenience you need to make the most of your time just outside the English capital.

About Hemel Hempstead

Lying in Hertfordshire, just a little to the north of London, Hemel Hempstead is ideally located within an easy commute of the capital. As well as that, the town is situated near the Chiltern Hills and contained within a minor valley basin. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the surrounding area is rich with agricultural land. The combination of close proximity to London in addition to its own pleasant location has made Hemel Hempstead a desirable place to live and has led to several big businesses locating there.

The town’s population (over 100,000) and visitors also benefit from the major A41 and M1 roads, passing the town to the west and east respectively, which enable easy travel in and out of Hemel Hempstead. Additionally, Hemel Hempstead and Apsley train stations are based just to the left of the town, meaning travellers from across the country can access their Hemel Hempstead corporate accommodation relatively easily.


Although developed after WWII as a new town, evidence of a settlement in the area of Hemel Hempstead actually dates back well over a thousand years. It can find its origins in an eighth century Saxon village, where it is understood that the King of Essex first mentioned the land of Hemel Hempstead as ‘Hamaele’. The Domesday book of the eleventh century then called the town of only one hundred inhabitants ‘Hamelhamstede’. With the territory continuing to grow in the following centuries, it was eventually granted its own town charter by King Henry VIII in the early sixteenth century. The local population then quadrupled, leading Hemel Hempstead to be officially designated as a ‘new town’ under the New Towns Act of 1946. Nowadays, the town belongs to the Borough of Dacorum, and people visiting the area for both business and leisure look to book stays in Hemel Hempstead aparthotels.


Across three hundred European cities, the FDI’s European Cities and Regions of the Future report of 2018/19 ranked Hemel Hempstead within the top ten small cities for connectivity and business friendliness. The town has, therefore, clearly made an impression as a place to do business. This is evident based on the many notable companies that have already situated themselves in Hemel Hempstead. For example the likes of ASOS, UTC Aerospace Systems and Amazon have established headquarters here. Hemel Hempstead is also home to the Maylands Business Park. The park consists of six hundred and fifty businesses and over eighteen thousand employees. It is also amongst the largest business parks in South East England.

The support of the borough council has been essential in helping the area maintain and progress its economic qualities. For instance, the ‘Dacorum Look No Further’ organisation provides a dedicated team of experts to help local businesses. Moreover, the launch of the new Enviro-Tech Enterprise Zone, with the aim of creating thousands of new jobs focusing on environmental technologies, is just one of the many progressive steps taken to create a more successful economy for the benefit of everyone locally.

Additionally, authorities have also strategised to make the town an attractive place for leisure. The Dacorum Economic Strategy believes “in 2031 Hemel Hempstead's town centre will be an appealing, attractive and sustainable destination” and will “emphasise the natural and cultural assets of the town and celebrate its new town history and rich heritage”. There is certainly an understanding that improving business and leisurely aspects are important. Guests staying in Hemel Hempstead corporate housing can be the first to appreciate the current and upcoming changes.  


Whether corporates opt to stay in Hemel Hempstead extended stay apartments or short term accommodation, they should always make time to try and see some of the town’s best attractions. Hemel Hempstead is split into two. The old town contains a mixture of historic buildings and public art galleries, whereas the new town has various shopping opportunities and pleasant eateries. Guests will not need to go far from their serviced apartment to find some green space and enjoy the natural outdoors either. There are many places worth visiting. Gadebridge Park, Keens Field, Shrub Hill Common or Heath Park are capable of fulfiling the needs of the outdoorsy type. Hemel Hempstead is, therefore, a seemingly great place for corporate to relocate if they have pets.

Groups of corporates staying in Hemel Hempstead serviced apartments may wish to go the extra mile further to let her hair down too after a business-packed stay. A great way to do this would be to visit the popular Snow Centre along St Albans Hill. The indoor skiing and snowboarding centre has teachers capable to work with all levels of participants as well as an included alpine themed restaurant for those looking to relax after a long day on the slopes. Alternatively, a group of travellers may also fancy a game of Laser Quasar at the centre along Wolsey Road. What better way to let off some steam or fill up some free time between your business plans than to partake in these two popular activities in Hemel Hempstead.

Hemel Hempstead may only be a small town, but its economic promise and business success potential are massive. For what the town lacks in size it makes up for in many leisurely activities, plenty of economic opportunities and a great range of available SITU Hemel Hempstead serviced apartments!


By Air

Hemel Hempstead has all the major London airports in the close vicinity. Whilst London Stansted, London City and Heathrow airports are no further than an hours drive away, the closest is London Luton airport, which is only a twenty minutes drive away along the M1 and A1081.

All these airports have convenient train, light rail or underground stations on site to enable easy access and departures. Buses and taxi transfers also run regularly to enable passengers to simply travel to-and-from Hemel Hempstead.

By Train

The only two train stations to run directly through Hemel Hempstead are Hempstead and Apsley. They are both only a ten minutes drive away from the town centre.

There are trains to and from London Euston via Watford Junction, with a journey time of around 30mins. Otherwise, the closest access to Hemel Hempstead via train would be from the St Albans train stations (St Albans Abbey and City).

Hemel Hempstead Bus and Coach Station

The town has its own bus and coach station, with a network that travels to St Albans, Aylesbury or Watford.

Pretty much all buses are run by Aviva Buses. Visit their website for timetables and more details; National Express, on the other hand, has direct coach routes to Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport as well as Oxford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes.