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About Ipswich


Ipswich is a large town in Suffolk, about 60 miles from London. Best known for insurance, it has a rich history which is easily visible when walking around the town.

About Ipswich

The county town of Suffolk lies to the north-east of London, not far from the coast. Sitting on the estuary of the River Orwell, Ipswich once had an industrial dock, and this has now developed into a modern commercial and residential area. With cafes and restaurants, shops and galleries, all against the backdrop of the marina, it's a popular part of the town's regeneration. Serviced apartments in Ipswich can provide easy access to this relaxed style of living for the business traveller who has come to stay in the town.

Ipswich has a real ‘Olde English’ feel to it, with more charming and ancient buildings having survived into the present day than most other towns. The traditional bias towards agriculture, though much reduced, is still a significant factor in the local economy. That said, other industries are prevalent, including retail and wholesale. Insurance is, however, the industry that modern day Ipswich is probably most famous for, and may well be why business travellers are seeking short term rentals in Ipswich.

The A12 and A14 are the two major roads running close to Ipswich, with the A12 heading south-west all the way to London. The town has two railway stations and has both Stanstead and Harwich international airports fairly close by.