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About Ireland


A beautiful island with a lush, yet sometimes rugged landscape, Ireland has transformed in the last 30 years to become a European centre for technology and knowledge.

About Ireland

Ireland, ‘Éire’ in Irish, is an island off the west coast of the UK mainland. Two countries occupy this, Europe’s third largest island; Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), while the Republic of Ireland, covering five-sixths of the land mass, is another country independent of the UK. Despite the two countries having separate currencies, an increasing amount of business is carried out as an ‘Irish’ whole. The Republic of Ireland has moved in the last 30 years from a largely agricultural economy into technology, with its capital, Dublin, at the heart of this. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple have all invested heavily, bringing in corporate travellers seeking serviced apartments in Ireland.

Tourism is also important to the Irish economy. Visitors come from all over the world, but particularly from mainland UK. For the Brits, Dublin is known as a party town, perhaps because the average per capita beer consumption in Ireland is Europe’s second highest. St Patrick’s Day, the Irish national holiday, is always a good-natured excuse to enjoy plenty of Guinness, the locally brewed stout. But Ireland has so much more to offer than just partying, particularly in the Atlantic-facing west, well known for its rugged landscapes, and also in the north. Finding an aparthotel for short term rentals in this beautiful land can be a great way to make the most of any stay in Ireland.