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About Luxembourg


One of the founding members of the EU, this tiny, land-locked continental country is a powerhouse in the world of international finance.

About Luxembourg

It is among Europe’s smaller countries, both in terms of physical size and population, but with an excellent economy based largely around banking and financial services, Luxembourg is also a popular destination with business travellers seeking accommodation there. Despite its small area – about the size of Northamptonshire – much of the northern part of the country is mountainous and, therefore, sparsely inhabited.  Most of the population is concentrated in the southern part of the country called Gutland – which means, ‘good land’ – and that is where the capital Luxembourg City is found.

Those visiting serviced apartments should head to Luxembourg City’s Old Quarter, which has had UNESCO World Heritage status since 1994, even in the absence of its great fortress that was dismantled in the 19th century, it is a pleasing mix of parks, gardens, cobbled streets and has a wealth of bridges across the water. The city occupies a high bluff above its two rivers, and this particular geography – which once upon a time helped to make it extremely defensible – now make for some breath-taking attractions, such as the Walls of Corniche, which tower over the old part of the city, or Bock Cliff and the City Casements. The fortified Bock Cliff is the entrance to a 21-kilometre network of tunnels that spread across an area of 40,000 square metres and would once have been able to shelter thousands of people.

If you are planning to eat out while staying in our Luxembourg short term accommodation and you are into your wine, then try out Chiggeri, a restaurant which opens until late most nights, has outdoor seating and, by the way, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest wine list. The city’s compact centre means that shopping and eating out comes with plenty of options within easy reach.

The good thing with being in a small country, is that most of its attractions are close by. In what is a largely rural country, recent investment in the road network as well as a high-speed rail link to Paris have improved travel and it’s worth getting out and about in Luxembourg while staying in short term accommodation there. Echternach is close to the German border about 17 miles northeast of our Luxembourg City apartments, and has a Benedictine Abbey. Bourscheid Castle and Upper Sûre Lake are a couple of dramatic locations in the mountainous north of the country, while Wolferdange is a bit closer to Luxembourg City and was the Grand Ducal Residence until the end of the 1800s.

Luxembourg is a beautiful country, as well as a European economic powerhouse with many large companies holding offices there. SITU has accommodation in properties and aparthotels in Luxembourg and across Europe.