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About Maidenhead


Maidenhead is within the ideal commuting distance of London, as well as making an excellent base for travel towards Bristol and Wales and down to the south coast.

About Maidenhead

Close to Windsor and the major road route of the M4, Maidenhead is within the ideal commuting distance of London, as well as making an excellent base for travel towards Bristol and Wales and down to the south coast. The town is quite a hub for both the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries, being able to boast such names as Glaxo SmithKline, Blackberry and Adobe Systems, and this leads to a demand for Maidenhead corporate accommodation. With the proximity of major tourist attractions, serviced apartments in Maidenhead are an excellent solution for leisure visitors as well.

A large town of over 70,000 people, Maidenhead has the best of both worlds, with the array of facilities and amenities afforded to a sizeable population centre while also being surrounded by some beautiful countryside and attractive riverside locations where the Thames runs past along the eastern edge of the town. Nicholson’s Shopping Centre dominates a large portion of the town centre and it includes an excellent range of shops, covering many of the more popular clothing brands. There is also a good selection of independent shops for short stay visitors to Maidenhead to explore, as well as regular local and visiting markets, while the town centre benefits from plenty of free parking on a Sunday.

Although the shopping centre does have some eateries, the broader choice seems to come as you move out onto the High Street, with Bridge Street and its adjoining roads providing the best single takeout concentration. However, if you want to do lunch in Maidenhead properly, it’s probably worth heading the mile or so out of the centre and down to the riverside and checking out one of the options there, such as The Blue River Café, which lies right next to the water and is perfect for taking a stroll before or after your meal.

There is plenty to do in Maidenhead itself, with the town being home to an Odeon cinema, having its own heritage centre covering the area’s history back to pre-Roman times and also having a go-kart track just the other side of the railway. However, much of the appeal of a self-catering stay in Maidenhead has to do with what lies nearby. Firstly, there is Windsor, which is about five miles roughly southeast on the other side of the M4. Home to the royal castle, it is among the UK’s most popular tourist attractions. The there is Legoland Windsor, a popular theme park, especially for those with young children. Another popular theme park, Thorpe Park, is about 12 miles away and reachable by the M4 and then M25.

And finally, there’s London itself, which has a host of attractions and is the UK’s premier business centre. This is where Maidenhead’s excellent transport connections come into play. The town is bordered by the M4 to the south with junctions 8 and 9 serving it, while the A4 runs right through the centre of Maidenhead. Eventually, around Chiswick, the M4 essentially merges into the A4 as it finishes, continuing through Hammersmith, South Kensington and beyond. Maidenhead’s train station runs typically six to eight services into London Paddington and hour in the busier parts of the day and, depending on the service, can take from as little as about 20 minutes up to almost 50 minutes. The proximity to the M4 also makes Maidenhead perfect for London Heathrow Airport, with a car journey to the airport typically taking about less than a half an hour.