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Our luxury Milton Keynes apartments have been chosen especially to cater for the corporate traveller. Our Milton Keynes accommodaton come with full-functioning kitchens, spacious rooms and a home-away-from-home feel. We also have serviced apartments in Milton Keynes which are located close to the city centre, ideal for guests looking to be in the thick of what the town has to offer.

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SITU Serviced Apartments Milton Keynes


Built in the 1960s, and with innovative layout and design, Milton Keynes is a relatively young town by UK standards. Guests staying in serviced apartments in Milton Keynes soon realise though the town is still brimming with unique character.

About Milton Keynes

Why Choose Serviced Apartments in Milton Keynes?

Choosing to stay in any of the handpicked SITU Milton Keynes apartments, means choosing a home away from home, unlike any standard hotel room.

Whether travellers need long term or short stay apartments in Milton Keynes, the facilities and amenities they offer are the same. This type of business accommodation can come with fully equipped kitchens, free parking, washing facilities, spacious living areas, free Wifi and much more. Making sure all these aspects are accessible to guests is key to ensuring a comfortable stay.

Ultimately, enjoying every aspect of the town can be comfortable when staying in serviced accommodation Milton Keynes. Staying in a space which you can call home, wherever you’re travelling to, is so vital for any business trip.

Where is Milton Keynes?

Milton Keynes is the main destination within the Borough of Milton Keynes, which belongs to the county of Buckinghamshire. This means the large town neighbours other well-known locations such as Luton, Aylesbury, Northampton and Bedford. The town itself accounts for approximately 20% and 90% of the overall borough’s area and population respectively. The Milton Keynes population is around 250,000, but this is consistently rising.

Milton Keynes, of course, is also capable of accommodating a visiting and relocating populations too. A steady flow of both corporate and leisure travellers requiring city apartments in Milton Keynes attests to the thoughtful design and layout of the town. Excellent transport links have proved to be a really attractive quality of the town.

These links stretch ideally beyond the city boundaries too, with the area being linking conveniently to some of the major hubs for business in the UK. These include London (50miles), Birmingham (70miles), Cambridge (50 miles) and Oxford (45miles).

Milton Keynes, therefore, acts as a convenient commuter town. It prides itself on being able to accommodate corporates looking to relocate or merely enjoy a short stay in Milton Keynes aparthotels.

Business at Milton Keynes

The Buckinghamshire town is widely regarded as being designed specifically for business growth. Therfore, there is an abundance of city stay apartments in Milton Keynes for corporates to choose from. Business start-ups levels are impressive, and it is not just UK businesses taking advantage of the area’s credentials either. Milton Keynes is actually home to some of the largest concentrations of North American, Taiwanese and Japanese businesses in the UK.

A ‘can do’ attitude is evident across the area as well. After all, Milton Keynes was not long ago amongst the top three locations for levels of productivity. This is also supported by the findings which suggest Milton Keynes has some of the highest weekly workplace earnings and general job creation levels in the UK.

This is all undoubtedly essential to the Milton Keynes economy, which is, incredibly, one of the UK’s fastest-growing. Much of the most contributing work to the economy comes out of the Milton Keynes business parks, such as the Milton Keynes Business Centre or Caldecotte Lake. Be sure to visit both the Invest in Milton Keynes and Milton Keynes Council websites to find out more about doing business the town.

Ultimately, whether you are relocating businesses to the area or are simply attending a corporate event in Milton Keynes, stays in the town are most fulfilled at fully furnished. self-catering accommodation in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes’ History

Some would argue the history of Milton Keynes' officially began in 1967 when it was born as a post-war ‘new town’. Throughout the 1960s the UK government believed a new generation of settlements in South East England would relieve London's housing congestion crisis. Milton Keynes was one of the ‘new cities’ to be established, from an area of mainly farmland and undeveloped villages.

However, before this, the area did have a rich history. It was here that the largest hoard of Bronze Age jewellery ever to be excavated in Britain was found. Many believe the oldest golden coin in the country came from Milton Keynes.

The archetypal new town is sometimes a little maligned in a country so full of history and older settlements. However, this uniqueness is not only a part of the town’s charm but, about 50 years on, it’s difficult to argue that Milton Keynes is anything other than a success.

Witnessing this change is, in fact, a big reason many tourists opt to visit the area. It is also why historic attractions such as the Milton Keynes Cathedral, also known as ‘The Tree’ and the Milton Keynes Museum are so popular.

So, for those staying longer in the city to enjoy exploring the history embedded within the town, we are delighted to offer self-catering apartments in Milton Keynes.

Things to do in Milton Keynes

The town and its surrounding borough areas have something to do and see for everyone. First of all, Milton Keynes is an excellent 'high-street' style shopping destination, with an incredibly well-served town centre. The main Milton Keynes shopping centre, The Centre: MK, has been likened to the Crystal Palace in design. Rather impressively, it has different climates in its different arcades.

Or if you are after something a bit more relaxed, just know there are many pubs in Milton Keynes, as well as plentiful high-quality Milton Keynes restaurants around to wine and dine. All in all, each of the Milton Keynes attractions and hotspots is easy to access from our luxury Milton Keynes accommodation.

A business or leisurely visit Milton Keynes does not necessarily have to be overly hectic or sporty though. Visitors to the area can appreciate the green spaces the city and the borough possess. The likes of the North Loughton Valley Park, Ouzel Valley Park, Campbell Park and Willen Lakeside Park just on the edge of the city can all make for a relaxing, chilled day out in Milton Keynes.

The Caldecotte Lake, in the south of the borough and managed by the Parks Trust, is a worthwhile visit too. Ultimately, why book a stay in Milton Keynes apartments for 1 night when you have so much you can see and do outside of your business plans?


London Luton Airport (LTN)

The closest major airports to Milton Keynes are London-based. These include London Oxford, London Luton and London City, all of which are no further than seventy miles south of the town. Birmingham Airport is sixty-five miles northwest of Milton Keynes.

There are also smaller, regional airports which are closer to Milton Keynes. Cranfield and Coventry airports are both closer than the London and Birmingham airports. Fortunately, many taxi companies are operating in the area and can transfer guests staying at short term lets in Milton Keynes to where they need to be.

Milton Keynes Station

Milton Keynes Central is the town’s main train station. Around fifty miles northwest of the capital and based along the West Coast Main Line, just over seven million people pass through the station every year.

Several other stations serve the Milton Keynes urban area. South of Milton Keynes are Bletchley, Fenny Stratford, Bow Brickhill, Woburn Sands and Aspley Guise stations, whilst north of the town is Wolverton station.

Milton Keynes Bus Station

The Milton Keynes bus network is extensive with over forty different routes and several different bus companies operating across the area. There is not really a ‘Milton Keynes bus station’ per se. However, buses mostly run through either the Central railway station or the bus stands on Midsummer Boulevard.

Visit the Get Smarter Travel in Milton Keynes website for more information about public transport across the town. This is a particularly helpful resource for those staying in student housing or other student accommodation in Milton Keynes.