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About Peterhead


Although relatively remote, Peterhead is one of Europe's most thriving fishing ports and a town with plans for growth.

About Peterhead

Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is one of Europe’s busiest fishing ports. Despite being a town of less than 20,000 inhabitants, it is actually the most populous town in Aberdeenshire, as Aberdeen itself is not counted as part of the district. Peterhead was built on fishing and this is still the major industry today, though visitors staying in serviced apartments in Peterhead may also be coming to the power station, where various plants have been producing power since 1980. Peterhead is also starting a 20-25 year plan for growth, hoping to increase its population by about 9000 in that time.

Sticking out into the North Sea about 30 miles up the coast from Aberdeen, Peterhead is the most easterly point in Scotland. Just a little to the south is Slains Castle, which Bram Stoker visited shortly before writing his most famous work, Dracula. The ruined castle, a 16th century tower house that has been restored and built upon several times over the years, only to fall into ruin again, is claimed to be an inspiration for the book.

It has to be said that Peterhead is not the easiest place to reach. All the major links such as train stations and the airport are over 30 miles away in Aberdeen. The major road route is the A90 up from Aberdeen. For those with a little spare time while staying in Peterhead serviced apartments, the Cairngorms National Park is well worth a visit or two, with some of the UK’s most stunning mountain scenery to be found there.