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About Qatar


This small Persian Gulf nation is among the richest in the world and a major power in the region.

About Qatar

The State of Qatar occupies a small peninsula poking northward into the Persian Gulf. It’s only border is with Saudi Arabia. With huge natural gas and oil reserves, Qatar is ranked as the wealthiest country in the world by per capita income. It’s wealth and control of petrochemical fuel reserves, combined with a stable political system – the same family has ruled Qatar since 1825 – has enabled the country to generate major political influence considering its size.

Those needing serviced apartments in Qatar are most likely heading to Doha, the capital city, and Situ can provide serviced accommodation close to the embassies and international business executive. Doha opened a brand new airport in 2014, Hamad International Airport, which is the best way to travel into the country. Museums and art are popular in Qatar and supported by the Al Thani ruling family, some of who are avid collectors. The Museum of Islamic Art is considered among the best in the region.