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About Rugby


As well as providing quality apartments in Rugby, city apartments are also available from SITU in nearby Birmingham and in many other locations.

About Rugby

Brussels, Jersey, Limerick, Spa… even Bath. All of them places with something named after them. But none of them are entirely dwarfed by the thing that was invented or originated there. Most people will know that each of them is a real place. Rugby, on the other hand, a not-so-insignificant town of over 70,000 people, with an extremely advantageous central position within the UK, has perhaps the most famous name among any of these places, but by many people would only be known as a game that’s played with a funny-shaped ball.

Yet business professionals are coming to stay in serviced apartments in Rugby, what was just a Warwickshire market town until almost 200 years ago when – so the legend goes – Rugby schoolboy William Webb Ellis picked up a football in the middle of a match and began to run with it. Stranger still, Rugby is the birthplace of more than just this very popular sport. Rugby School, the same school where the game was invented, was also the setting for Thomas Hughes’ Tom Brown’s Schooldays, the quintessential English school novel that could be argued to be a forerunner of many archetypally English school novels which came after, including the Harry Potter series. Although, of course, Tom Brown’s Schooldays had a little less magic in it.

The town was also the birthplace of the jet engine, where in 1937 Frank Whittle built the first prototype jet engine before ultimately having to move the secret project when the noise it was making drew too much attention.

Modern Rugby has grown to incorporate surrounding villages and makes an ideal short stay destination for those with business around the Midlands area. The M1, M6 and M45 are all within a few miles of the town, while Rugby is about 11 miles from Coventry, 12 miles from Royal Leamington Spa, 17 miles from Northampton, 19 miles from Leicester and 27 miles from the centre of Birmingham. Yes, accommodation in Rugby really is the best place from which to get around the Midlands.

If you are self-catering in Rugby, you will find that there is plenty to do for a town of its size. Rugby has its own art gallery and museum, situated right in the heart of the town and hosting up to six different exhibitions throughout the year. Caldecott Park, a little way out from the centre, is free to visit and has previously featured in Britain in Bloom, while Draycote Water Country Park is located just a few miles to the southwest and includes a five-mile paved perimeter road around the lake, as well as the opportunity to enjoy water sports. This attraction is free, as well, aside from the car park.

As a place that was known as a market town before certain other things took over, shopping in Rugby is a little more interesting than in many other towns, with a market, craft market and farmers’ market all situated in the town, although the craft market and farmers’ market are subject to the season and day of the week. There are also plenty of independent retailers trading in the town, in areas such as fashion, gifts and beauty, among others. Although, if you are after more of the brands you already know, Rugby Central is possibly your best bet and the shopping centre is found right in the heart of the town.

As well as providing quality apartments in Rugby, city apartments are also available from SITU in nearby Birmingham and in many other locations.