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From £295 per night
2.6 miles

Just off Kingsland Road and within walking distance of Hoxton Railway Station, Waterson Street Serviced Apartment brings excellent two bedroom accommodation to business travellers in a wonderfully flowing property. The kitchen, dining area and living space all feel separate, even though they are all part of an open plan set-up, and give the up to five guests staying lots of opportunity outside of the bedrooms to live without tripping over each other. Other features include a Smart TV and parking.

Min. Stay 3 nights


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3.2 miles

Just off the main Hackney Road, with plenty of open areas nearby, not to mention Regent’s Canal and Broadway Market, Claremont Court Serviced Apartment is on the fifth floor and accommodates up to three guests. This fresh and modern one bedroom apartment has everything for a comfortable stay, including a balcony area which provides welcome outside space and views across the surrounding area. There is a pristine bathroom and a neat kitchen area – and even an electric piano in the living room.

Min. Stay 3 nights


From £180 per night
3.5 miles

This is a homely two bedroom duplex in East London, providing those coming on a temporary stay with a great alternative to a hotel room. A flexible accommodation option, the apartment would be a cosy spot for a small group or family. It has a separate lounge and kitchen, the lounge coming with a Smart TV for entertainment, and the kitchen including both an upright fridge/freezer and a washing machine. Cambridge Heath Road Serviced Apartment also has a bathroom with a combined tub and shower.

Min. Stay 5 nights


From £124 per night
3.7 miles

Providing a great two bedroom place to stay in East London, Hackney Serviced Apartment is on a cul-de-sac in an older building with lovely period features, including wood floors. The ceilings are generally high and good natural light floods in through large windows in the main living area, where there is also full self-catering facilities and a large flat screen TV. The property has its own subtle style with the decor and has a family bathroom with combined bathtub and shower.

Min. Stay 3 nights

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About London


London is full of iconic sites and is one of the world's major economic centres. With several major airports, it's a hub for business travellers from all over the world.

About London


The UK’s capital city is one of the most famous in the world. It's unique and rich history that helps to make tourism a massive part of its economy. The city’s business heart,  known as ‘The Square Mile’ and ‘The City’, is arguably the most influential of all the world’s financial centres. Thus, business travellers are constantly flooding there. Many find using our serviced apartments in London a great way to make the most of their stay.

Several airports operate in London. The two largest of which, Heathrow and Gatwick, move over 100 million passengers a year between them. London is a large city with many distinct districts. And we at SITU are proud to be able to offer serviced apartments all over the English capital; placing you right where you need to be. Whether it’s the prestigious Kensington area - close to the Natural History Museum and the Royal Albert Hall; or Mayfair - home to embassies and convenient for the shoppers’ paradise that is Oxford Street and the wide-open expanse of Hyde Park; or even among the shining corporate towers of Canary Wharf, we can put you where you need to be.

Global melting pot

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Around 230 languages are spoken in London and it has a great wealth of diverse cultures and communities. As a result, this city is a world of its own, opening its heart and gates to the whole planet and becoming a multicultural melting pot along the way.

It is impossible not to feel excited when you arrive in this city. London’s identity is so strong that most of its tourist attractions are almost cliches. Yet everyone still wants their picture taken next to a Beefeater or with Big Ben in the background; or to hail a black cab to get them around the city.

History and Culture

London is a centre for history and culture, with some of the world’s best public museums and greatest collections of art. Furthermore, it has stunning architecture, a rich history. It gave the world its first metro system, the London Underground having first opened in 1863. Other great inventions that originated in London include the nuclear chain reaction, the powered vacuum cleaner, the microphone and the cash machine. London resident Ada Lovelace created the world’s first computer program all the way back in 1843. London introduced the world to its first traffic lights and also penicillin was discovered in the city, as well.

The list of things to see in London is too vast to easily list here, so make sure you check detailed guides about each area of London here on the SITU website. We have so many accommodation options to offer across this iconic city. There is a large number of London aparthotels on our website, as well as short-term lets for self-catering apartments. We understand that, diverse as it is, London's visitors have different needs. You can find reasonably-priced serviced apartments to accommodate yourself in the city. While at the other end of the scale there are luxury serviced apartments, offering a short stay to London visitors who like to experience some of the best the city has to offer.

Our London serviced apartments offer space and security, perfect for those staying in the city longer. It is ideal for people who need a place to relax and get away from it all.