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At SITU we offer a great range of high-quality, fully-equipped serviced apartments in Sheffield, perfect for those visiting the city for business. Whether corporates choose to book a long or short term stay, our variety of luxury Sheffield apartments allows guests to pick-and-choose where they locate themselves, making commutes to work easy and straightforward.

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SITU Serviced Apartments in Sheffield


Despite a troubled and challenging past, Sheffield is a revived city and now one of the top places in the UK to locate a business. So much so that serviced apartments in Sheffield are now in demand like never before.

About Sheffield


Blessed with a strong central location in the UK, Sheffield is known as both a city and a metropolitan borough in the county of South Yorkshire. The Sheffield population of almost 600,000 (amongst the top ten largest in the UK) live in the only city in the county, whilst neighbouring destinations Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster are all large towns. A significant amount of the city is made up of green space though, with over a third of Sheffield lying within the popular Peak District National Park.

It’s the city’s green space and easily-accessible, central location in the UK that helps attract over 15 million people to Sheffield every year. Its transport connectivity is, therefore, crucial. The only major road to intersect the city is the A61, which runs alongside the River Sheaf, but this does connect to the A630 and then the M1 and the M18 to the east, making travel via car to-and-from Sheffield to southern and northern destinations easier.

Sheffield is also lucky to have four international airports within an hour and a half drive of the city centre, the closest being Doncaster Sheffield Airport. These four are some of the busiest in the UK and naturally, this makes Sheffield popular for relocating businesses and corporates who wish to operate where they can have easy access to regular overseas travel facilities. Therefore, the demand for Sheffield accommodation is high too.


Sheffield has undergone a massive change in its economy through the late 20th century and into the 21st century and is now emerging as a modern city thriving in the service industry. The area was always known for mining and manufacturing, Sheffield Steel being probably its most famous export, but when a lot of manufacturing moved into cheaper economies abroad, that all changed.

Followed was the renovation project called ‘Heart of The City’, backed by the Sheffield city council which begun in 2004 and was completed in 2016. This renovation project resulted in Sheffield city centre becoming among the most diverse and eclectic in the area.

It also contributed to an economy that is now worth over £7 billion per year, attracting investments from major companies such as McLaren, Sky Betting and Boeing. Many other companies operate out of the popular Sheffield Business Centre, and specifically the Sheffield Business Park. This facility is one of Yorkshire’s largest, makes up a part of the UK’s Advanced Manufacturing District and provides a place for business largely unmatched by any other business park in the UK.

What’s more, corporates travelling to work at this park or anywhere else across the city can appreciate having corporate housing in Sheffield that’s never too far away from where they need to be.


Despite some knowledge of life existing in the area over 10,000 years ago, the history of confirmed settlements in Sheffield stretches back as far as the Anglo-Saxon period. The city was originally named after the River Sheaf which still runs through the city to this day before eventually growing into a much more significant settlement.

Sheffield’s growth was marked by the construction of the Sheffield Castle following the Norman Conquest and the Sheffield Cathedral, which you can still visit today, built back in the early thirteenth century. It was also around this time that the city was granted market town status.

Fast forward five centuries and Sheffield had become both a borough and a city in the space of 50 years (1843-1893). It then went on to become extremely industrial, recognised particularly for its contribution to the steel industry, thus earning the nickname the ‘Steel City’. However, there were setbacks.

The Great Sheffield Flood, the Great Depression and the World Wars all took their toll on the city, but it did also bounce back thanks to regeneration projects and a vast reconstruction. A good way to learn more about the city’s history in greater detail is to visit one of the many Sheffield museums. Whether it be the Weston Park Museum, the Millennium Gallery or the Graves Gallery, there is much to learn from some amazing exhibits they all have on display.

Stays in Sheffield city apartments means having each of these museums within walking distance.


Like most major cities in the UK, the vast number of high-quality Sheffield restaurants, pubs or bars to choose from is expected and unsurprising, much to the joy of Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield students. Nowadays though, the city is also renowned for its enormous number of green spaces and unique culture.

The city has several modern art galleries, any one of which can make for a pleasant and interesting afternoon’s viewing.  Located right in heart of the town, close to the high street and the Sheffield shopping centre, the Millennium Gallery is the 15th most-visited of all free attractions across England. It is linked to Sheffield Winter Gardens, one of the largest glasshouses built in the UK during the last 100 years, and is the largest urban glasshouse anywhere in Europe.

Business travellers staying in our luxury serviced apartments in Sheffield will find it a compact city too, and therefore easy to get around on foot. The amount of green space helps with this. As mentioned before, a lot of Sheffield sits within the borders of the Peak District National Park, so it feels somehow fitting that the city has more than 200 parks to offer visitors.

If you’re exploring the parks outside the city, make sure you visit Stanage Edge, the beautiful rocky path featured in a memorable scene from 2005’s Pride & Prejudice film, while nearby Wentworth Woodhouse is often thought of as a possible inspiration for Mr Darcy’s Pemberley house and estate.  This beautiful stately mansion was featured in a number of films, including the recent Oscar winner Darkest Hour.

Ultimately, all these attractions, beautiful green spaces and much more are all easily accessible depending on where you choose to book stays in spacious studio Sheffield apartments.


SITU works hard to find accommodation that best suits whoever needs it. We strive to make the experience finding and booking serviced accommodation effortless. Scroll up and you’ll find see a list of serviced accommodation in Sheffield that radiate the feeling of staying in a 'home away from home'.

Whether you want to be right in the heart of the city centre, or just outside, we have you covered. SITU’s aparthotels and short term lets in Sheffield make for convenient and affordable accommodation, enabling you to have your own space while visiting this charming city in South Yorkshire.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team today and find out how we help you fulfil your business travel accommodation needs!


By Air

The possibilities of travelling to and from Sheffield by air, whether it be domestically or overseas are numerous thanks to the four nearby airports. These are; Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport, Manchester Airport, Leeds Bradford Airport and Nottingham East Midland Airport.

Book yourself in serviced apartments in Sheffield city centre and you will find yourself; 25 miles west of Doncaster Sheffield Airport, 45 miles east of Manchester Airport, 45 miles south of Leeds Bradford airport and 55 miles north of East Midlands Airport. Thanks to the abundance of Sheffield taxi companies available, each of these airports can be accessed quickly if you don’t drive.

By Train

There are six train stations in operation in Sheffield, with the biggest and most used being unsurprisingly Sheffield Train Station. Based on Sheaf Street, this station is actually the busiest in South Yorkshire, supporting the railway travel of over 9 million people every year as a combined railway station and tram stop.

The other stations based slightly further outside the city centre are Chapeltown, Darnall, Dore & Totley, Meadowhall and Woodhouse. You can opt to stay at a fully furnished studio apartment in Sheffield near any of these stations depending on where you are working or want to visit in the city.

Sheffield Supertram

Sheffield is one of the eight UK cities to have a tram network, with the ‘Sheffield Supertram’ serving the city and Rotherham since 1994. Facilitating transport for over ten million people every year, in total the network covers 50 stops (including one right outside the University of Sheffield and near various student accommodation in Sheffield), all owned by the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

The Supertram truly is one of a kind, and to find out more about the four lines it runs through and how you can play your journey, visit the Supertram section of the Stagecoach Bus website.

Sheffield Interchange

The Sheffield Interchange is the main bus station in the city, centrally located but served by buses across the region. Almost thirty bus routes actually pass through this station before travelling to the countless stops in the city.

Travel South Yorkshire claim that these services run around the city every 15 minutes at least, guaranteeing continuous, quick travel for bus travellers. If you are a regular bus-goer temporarily living in Sheffield, be sure to go to the Travel South Yorkshire website to see how you can plan your route to your chosen destination from your own self-catering Sheffield accommodation.