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About Slough


Modern-day Slough is full of open spaces, popular with business and a popular place to live. With higher than average wages and a range of available Slough serviced apartments, the town is in a prime location near London and has excellent access to transport connections.

About Slough

The English population often has a lot of fun at the expense of Slough. Ricky Gervais’ TV show ‘The Office’ is one of the more well-known examples of digs at the town. However, further investigation into what is on offer here quickly stamps out the disapproval. As the most ethnically diverse place across Britain, excluding London, Slough must be doing something right.

Slough and its approximate 150,000 population lie in the county of Berkshire, west of London. The town sits within the Greater London Urban Area. It is around twenty miles away in various directions from other business hubs such as Charing Cross, Central London and Reading. One thing that makes Slough stand out is its proximity to the M4. The road helps to make it feasible as a commuting base for London, a little over 20 miles away. London Heathrow Airport is also close by, and there is a direct intercity train link into Paddington Station. From here, there are fast train links close by for travel to the rest of the UK and Europe. Commuting far and wide from furnished short lets in Slough could not be easier thanks to these nearby transportation options.


Slough takes a lot of plaudits for its desirability as a place to do business. This proximity to London, mixed with pleasant Berkshire surroundings, have brought a lot of big business into the town itself. Naturally, this helps to create demand for serviced apartments in Slough. Outside of London, Slough ranks amongst the UK's top three cities for levels of productivity and business start-ups. This was according to the Centre for Cities, and another report they produced concluded that nowhere had seen such growth in business over a recent five-year period than Slough when compared to over sixty of Britain’s largest urban areas.

Slough’s long-standing reputation has been central to its business interest. The Berkshire town boasts the highest concentration of global corporate HQ’s in the UK, outside of London. Significantly contributing to this is Slough Trading Estate, one of England’s oldest and largest trading estates. The site is home to over around 500 businesses and 20,000 employees. With the support of the Estate, massive businesses such as Amazon, Nintendo, Fiat, Honda, McAfee and many more have a presence in the area. What’s more, is that the town centre has been undergoing a major redevelopment. Over £400 million in total has been approved for ongoing work. With such a strong reputation for business success and a seemingly bright future in terms of further investment, it comes as no surprise that stays in corporate accommodation in Slough are so popular.


The first mention of Slough came in 1196 when it was written down in old texts as ‘Slo’. Historians believe that this was Old English for ‘marshland’ or ‘muddy landscapes’. It was around this time that Slough’s oldest building was constructed, the Church of St Laurence.

Popular opinion suggests settlements grew here due to the popularity of the Old London Road (A4), connecting Bath to London. In the sixteenth century, travel across this road became even more common. Horse-drawn coaches used Slough as a place to stop off between London and western towns. Slough then became even more residential after the Great Western Railway and local train station were built, in 1833 and 1840 respectively. By 1841, the population was twice the size it was ten years beforehand. By 1891, around 8,000 were living in Slough.

Then followed a period of industrialisation in the town, which was unfavoured by many. Its urbanity was majorly extended and included new housing developments, shopping complexes and factories. This drew considerable protest. Poet John Betjeman once derided Slough when it became the site of an early business park, beginning a poem with “Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough". Betjeman did get his wish, as the World Wars had considerable negative impacts on the town. The lack of resources to rejuvenate perhaps explains why some of the buildings look the way they do today! However, there is no understating that Slough has come a long way. Now an economic powerhouse, even stays at short term accommodation in Slough can give guests an early sense of how far the town has come in recent decades.


Criticisms of Slough seem harsh considering the town has a rather impressive 42 parks and open spaces. These include Upton Court Park, Herschel Park and Kedermister Park. Upton Court is Slough’s largest park. It is home to many big events and sports activities whilst still maintaining a natural charm right in the heart of the bustling town. A combination of beautiful woodland, lovely streamside footpaths and plenty of green space ]makes Upton Court Park a go-to place for relaxation in Slough. Nearby too though is Ditton Park. This stunning park looks out onto the Queen Mother Reservoir, one of the largest inland areas of water in England. Slough can also accommodate the more active visitors. The town has a wide range of sports facilities, including an ice rink with its own ice hockey team, Richings Park golf course and Stoke Park Country Club.

For family fun and entertainment, the Legoland Resort and Windsor Castle both lie just the other side of the M4 and are definitely worth a visit while staying in nearby Slough aparthotels. Alternatively, a visit to Slough Museum offers a fantastic insight into the past, present and future of the town. Within this independent museum are two fascinating exhibition galleries consisting of a collection of around six thousand historical items. The community have continued to contribute to the museum’s collection for more than twenty-five years, in a bid to preserve Slough’s local heritage and rich history. All of this on offer in this Berkshire town means that staying at extended stay apartments in Slough is almost a necessity.

In summary, although Slough is most certainly a town with vast experience in maintaining a welcoming business climate and attracting worldwide organisations, Slough also has much more to offer. Whilst staying at furnished housing in Slough, near the lovely open spaces and entertainment attractions the town has to offer, guests soon realise that Slough proves to be a place that any traveller can enjoy visiting. 


London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

One of the biggest advantages of being close to London is easy access to its international airports. Easily the closest to Slough is London Heathrow, which is only a twenty-minute drive away, or around forty minutes away via train directly to the airport’s railway station.

Alternatively, Slough is also within reach of Farnborough (FAB) and London City (LCY), which are forty minutes and an hour and twenty minutes away respectively. Wherever you choose to fly, from many of our Slough city apartments taxi transfers can be arranged.

Slough Train Station

Functioning along the Great Western Line, Slough train station is the primary provider of railway services in the town. Along the same line are Langley and Burnham stations which are on either side of Slough’s station, to the east and west respectively.

Slough Bus Station

Whilst bus services and stops are spread across the town and its surrounding smaller locations, the hub for bus travel is Slough bus station. Services running from the station and help passengers travel to the following areas; Upton, Langley, Sutton, Colnbrook, Datchet, Eton, Windsor, Chavley, Chippenham, Slough Trading Estate, Burnham, Britwell, Manor Park and Stoke Green.

The local council advise using the ‘NextBuses’ mobile service and its app for help with bus travel. Otherwise, keen bus travellers can have a look at the Bus Route Map and see which stops are closest to their corporate housing in slough.