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About Sweden


This Scandinavian country has one of the world's healthiest economies and is a big exporter of technology and engineering

About Sweden

A part of Scandinavia and lying in Northern Europe, Sweden – or, the ‘Kingdom of Sweden’ as it is properly known – is a vast country, third by area in the EU yet with a relatively small population of about 10 million. Much of that population is concentrated in the south, where there is ample agricultural land, while the northern half of the country is largely covered in forest. Sweden relies heavily on export and trade for its economy, which is one of the healthiest and most competitive in the world, and this may well be a reason for those needing serviced apartments in Sweden to be travelling to the country. Sweden’s most influential companies are well known brands in much of the world, including Sony Ericsson, Volvo and, of course, Ikea.

The Swedish are known as a reserved and moderate people – in contrast to their Norsemen ancestors, who were the first experience many in Britain and the continent had of the Germanic native people there. They have a term for this mode of proper behaviour: lagom, roughly translating as ‘just enough’ or ‘appropriate’. One thing they don’t enjoy in moderation, however, is their coffee, which they drink a lot of. In fact, the Swedes have a term for enjoying a coffee break, too. Fika is sitting around socialising, drinking coffee and maybe having a snack. And when not enjoying a fika, the Swedish people are often found outside, making the most of the vastness and natural beauty on offer. Rambling, as the British would call it, is enshrined in Swedish law, through a right of public access, even on privately-owned land, provided those using the land behave in a respectful way and disturb as little as possible.

Coming to stay in serviced apartments in Sweden, the largest airports are in the capital Stockholm, in the east of the country, and Gothenburg in the south-west. The country’s road network is excellent, considering how much of it is relatively remote. Despite the intervening waterway, Sweden is connected to Denmark – and, therefore, the rest of the European continent – by a combined road bridge and tunnel.