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About Woking


SITU offers corporate accommodation not only in Woking but in all major commuter belt towns, and has an extensive range of apartments in London and all major UK cities.

About Woking

This large town in Surrey, just beyond the ring of the M25 and nestled about halfway between the A3 and M3, is an ideal commuter spot for London, with a busy train station that runs regular services to and from London Waterloo with a journey time of around half an hour or less. Over 60,000 people live in the town and close to 100,000 in the surrounding borough and the town has a good economy typical of commuter belt towns, with a high level of the working population in the technical sector and, for Woking in particular, a significant office-working population. The single biggest employer in the town is the McLaren Group, who build high-performance sports cars and supercars and run the McLaren Racing Formula One team.

Stepping out from serviced apartments in Woking, one of the first things you might notice is some interesting public art in the town. For instance, mounted on a 10-metre tall pole outside The Big Apple Family Entertainment Complex – with bowling, laser quest, an arcade and more – is the sleek, silver and slightly retro form of the last Hawker Hunter jet fighter ever made. While if you head further up Chobham Road, through the pedestrianised section, you’ll find another piece of public art that’s just as silver and even more retro… the Martian Tripod. This 23-foot tall structure pays homage to H.G. Well’s famous book War of the Worlds, which was written in the town.

So, you’re already right in the heart of the town. Turn right on Church Street East and you’ll be heading towards the H.G. Wells Conference & Events Centre. Turn left and you’ll still be on Church Street East, but now you’ll be heading towards Jubilee Square and the aptly named ‘Woking Shopping Centre’, an enormous mall with a cinema and the New Victoria Theatre to one side, a lower concourse filled with eateries and, of course, a heck of a lot of shops.

Even if you’re staying in self-catering accommodation in Woking, you may still want a good choice of places to eat when you do decide to have dinner out. Between Church Street East, the mall area around Jubilee Square and Chertsey Road – running adjacent and at a slight angle to Church Street East – there are literally dozens of cafes, restaurants and bars all within just a few minutes’ walk. And this is part of the charm of a short stay in Woking, that so much is conveniently placed in one small area.

If you’re out during the day in Woking, one thing you must try is The Lightbox Art and Heritage Centre, located next to the Basingstoke Canal as it runs along the edge of the town centre. This distinctive structure – a big clue to its appearance is, quite literally, in the name – hosts about 20 different exhibitions each year and has free entry. Heading out of The Lightbox, cross over the footbridge and you can visit the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Centre, one of the country’s greenest buildings and a fun educational experience for all ages.

SITU offers corporate accommodation not only in Woking but in all major commuter belt towns, and has an extensive range of apartments in London and all major UK cities.